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Total Keto Gummies SCAM with Kelly Clarkson (2023)

Total Keto Gummies SCAM with Kelly Clarkson (2023)

Avoid the Total Keto Gummies with apple cider vinegar (ACV) weight loss scam that shows Kelly Clarkson and a bunch of fake reviews. I noticed some weird AI-generated audio in Facebook and Instagram ads that falsely claimed Kelly Clarkson endorsed Total Keto Gummies for weight loss and that Dolly Parton, Dr. Oz, Ree Drummond and Jason Aldean all also had something to do with the product. It's not true. They have nothing to do with gummies. The Total Keto Gummies weight loss scam and fake reviews are out there in November 2023, so I recommend being careful and not falling for this kind of nonsense.

The Total Keto Gummies scam and fake reviews claim that you don't need to have any diet or exercise and that a bunch of news websites all reviewed or mentioned the product. It's all fake. It's all fiction. You can't find who is behind the making of these supposed keto gummies for weight loss and that's likely because they don't want their names publicized with so many of these scams out there.

0:00 Kelly Clarkson Keto Weight Loss Gummies Scam
2:15 Fake Reviews for Total Keto Gummies
2:27 Total Keto Gummies Official Website
4:36 Customer Service and Support Phone Number and Email Address
5:50 It's a Subscription Scam
7:05 Clint Eastwood
8:43 He's Acting Like He's Not Doing Anything Wrong
10:00 Total Keto Gummies TV Show Scam